Way back in March, I told you that I was looking for adventure.  I have gotten out and tried some new activities with the kiddo in tow and on my own.  But, I’m feeling some wanderlust once again.  Or maybe I just am craving something that doesn’t involve being at home, working, cooking, running errands or changing diapers/helping someone use the potty chair.  Maybe I’m just craving sleep.

Maybe for all of these reasons and then some, I’m looking forward to a weekend away with just my husband.  For shame, I know.  What a bad mommy, some might say.  But, I disagree.  My kiddo deserves the best.  Having parents who are connected and (dare I say it) rested is the best.  So, today I will pack her and her belongings and send her and our dog to stay two nights with my in-laws.

We will only be about 70 miles away.  Somehow that makes me feel better in that if something happened we could be home quickly.  But, it’s far enough away to be different.  We’ll stay in a hotel.  Someone else will wash the towels we use.  Someone else will provide and make the food we eat (except for maybe the continental breakfast).  We’ll spend this evening enjoying Italian food and solving a mystery at a mystery theater we got a great deal on through Living Social.  I’m just hoping to have some sort of idea as to who the perpetrator is.  I’m not so good at such mysteries.  My husband won’t let me live down the time in college we were playing the board game “Clue” with our Bible study group, and I literally marked every person off the list.  Evidently, suicide isn’t an option in “Clue.”

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to sleeping in.  I don’t have to get up early to have time to eat my cereal or have a few minutes of quiet time before the day starts.  Knowing myself, I may have trouble sleeping in, but I’ll also settle for lounging in bed reading a book.  Holy moly!  An actual book!

We’ll go to a baseball game tomorrow evening with my husband’s employer.  I’ll meet some new folks.   I’ll enjoy a ballpark hot dog.  Even though it’s minor league baseball, it’s still majorly good hot dogs.

And that’s it.  None of that is a grand adventure, but all of it sounds good to me.  I’m guessing that at some point before we pick up the kiddos we’ll see “Captain America.”  We’re Marvel Comics fans, in particular, and have been looking forward to the first Avengers movie.  I might get some buttery popcorn to munch on.

The thoughts of this weekend have kept me going for the last few weeks.  These past few weeks haven’t been exceptionally hard.  I’ve not had major challenges to overcome.  I’ve had some great times.  My kiddo has been good.  She’s not been sick or super-duper fussy.  But, I’ve had some wanderlust.  I’ve had the desire to do something out of the ordinary.  I’ve dreamed of something fun.  This will be it for now.

I’ve also dreamed of having uninterrupted conversations with my husband.  I love my child.  I love being a mom, most of the time.  I wouldn’t ever trade it for anything in the world.  But, I also love my husband. I love myself.  And I know what I need.  I know when I get to the point that I can tear up over even small things that I need to do something.  I need to take a break. I need to do something out of the ordinary.  Then, I can come back home and really enjoy being a mom.  I can come back home ready to conquer the daily challenges of life.

Being a mom can be overwhelming.  Wearing different hats throughout the day can be challenging.  I know I’m not alone.  What do you do to revitalize yourself?  I challenge you (mom or not) to find something to do this weekend to renew your spirit, even if it’s just for five minutes.  You’re worth it.  And you totally deserve it.

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