Fun at the county fair

The county fair is going on right now.  Growing up, we didn’t go to the fair very often.  When I was in high school, I went to multiple fairs each summer for marching band competitions (yet hardly saw the actual fairs themselves).  Indiana summers are hot and humid.  Hot and humid in a wool band uniform is miserable, yet I loved it.

Since graduating high school many years ago, I’ve only been to the fair once and that was the state fair a few years ago.  However, when my husband and I were talking about how good things like corn dogs and funnel cakes sounded a couple of weeks ago, we decided it might be time to hit the fair.  We figured the kiddo would love seeing the 4H animals and the commotion of the fair.

Our county fair is taking place this week, which is, of course, right in the middle of a heat wave.  After a check of the weather report showed that Monday would be the coolest day (with an actual high around 92-degrees and a heat index around 103-degrees), we decided to go. We slathered on sunscreen, donned hats and sunglasses, packed the stroller and headed to the fairgrounds.

Though we were hot, we had a good time.  Lexiana had a few bites of a corn dog, funnel cake and elephant ear, but those small tastes were more than enough for her.  She was much more interested in two things: a child’s roller coaster that she could see from where we ate and the giant horse’s head blow-up slide by where we parked.  Though we told her a couple of times it was a horse in honor of the Indianapolis Colt’s, she insisted it was a hippo and fell in love.

Here are a few photos of our fair adventure:

The kiddo and husband on the roller coaster. Though she looked a bit shocked while riding it, she immediately said, "Again!" when it stopped.

After the roller coaster. I was too nervous to take her, but I'm glad my husband did. The two of them had fun. And I had fun watching them!

My gigantic, $4 elephant ear. It was yummy but too much for me to finish.

The kiddo relaxing in the shade, sipping water and trying to stay cool.

Back in the Jeep, getting ready to go home. This was her expression while looking at (what she called) the purple hippo.

And, finally, me getting in the Jeep. I was hot, hot, hot!

All in all, we had a great time as a family. We come home sweaty and sticky but with good memories.

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