What little girls need

As a former little girl and now the mother of a little girl, I’ve been thinking a lot about what little girls need.  Here is the list I’ve made thus far.  I know this is far from everything, but it’s a start.

– Little girls need patience.  They need mommies and daddies who will be patient to teach them how to do things and manage in life without getting too frustrated because their little girl doesn’t automatically understand.

– Little girls need daddies to show them how men are supposed to love and respect women.

– Little girls need daddies to love and cherish them and tell them frequently of such feelings to make sure they don’t go looking for that same sentiment in the wrong kind of man when they are older.

– Little girls need mommies who will teach them how to be ladies.  Things like how to dress appropriately and behave with dignity.

– Little girls need leeway.  They are learning and growing and figuring out the world.  More than anything they need some leeway and understanding when they make mistakes.

– Little girls need hugs and kisses.  Whether they are crying from a skinned knee or from their first broken heart, little girls needs hugs and kisses to make it all better.

– Little girls need grandmas and grandpas.  Sometimes they just need to be a little extra spoiled in a way that only grandparents can tend to do.

– Little girls need spiritual guidance.  They need to know who God is, and how He can be a real part of their daily life.

– Little girls need opportunities.  They need to have a chance to learn and grow and explore the world.  The need to have the chance to decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives.

– Little girls need a safe haven.  Having a home to feel safe and secure in gives them the foundation they need to face whatever happens in life.

– Little girls need their daddies’ strength.  Because that’s how they know he can do anything.  And as they get older, they won’t think he can do anything and everything for a bit.  Then they’ll get old enough to remember yet again how much they need their daddies.  A little girl is never too old for her daddy.

– Little girls need their mommies’ love.  Mommies have love a bit different from daddies.  It is somehow softer.  And it makes everything seem better.  It makes sore throats hurt less and broken hearts mend faster.

– Little girls need discipline.  It’s not fun for either girls or parents, but discipline is a necessity for helping little girls grow into strong women of great character.

– Little girls need to feel useful.  They need tasks and chores even from young ages that make them realize they are valuable and needed in the world for their skills and abilities.

– Little girls need to know they are beautiful inside and out.  They need to know that the right dress size does not beauty make.  And they also need to know the beauty is far more than skin deep.

– Little girls need to be safe.  They need to be protected from the harm that others in the world may wish to do them.  Sometimes that means saying no to an event.  Sometimes that means embarrassing said little girl by asking too many questions, but that’s OK.  One day she’ll understand.

– Little girls need to have fun.  They need to have times where they are free to giggle, screech and just be girls.  Becoming a woman with a load of responsibility comes way too fast.  Carefree days and times of childhood should be given often and treasured.

– Little girls need to be able to be little girls as long as they can.  They don’t need high heels and push up bras before they are even in middle school.  They don’t need to know about adult topics before they are ready.  They need to be girls as long as they can, even when they fight it and insist they want to grow up.  (Again, one day she’ll understand.)

– Little girls need undivided attention sometimes.  They need to know that mom and dad are interested in what they have to say and are doing.  They need to know they’re a priority.  And I say sometimes, because they also need to learn over time that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and they need to think of others as well.

– Little girls need to know that it’s OK to be angry sometimes.  It’s not unladylike.  But, they also need examples of how to best handle and manage that anger in respectful ways.

– Basically, above all, little girls need love.  They need parents to fight for them, champion them, encourage them and advocate for them.  They need to be the world to their parents and their parents’ number one priority.  They need to be cherished.

I say all this not to leave out little boys.  Little boys need the same things with a few word changes along the way.  Children just need loving, involved parents.  What else can you think of that I’ve missed?

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