You know you’re a mom…

…when you blog about it all the time.  Seriously, though, I’ve been thinking about all the changes in my life since the kiddo was born and thought I’d share some of them.  All of these have happened at some point in the last 20-1/2 months.

…when you get very excited that a new baby clothing/gear store is being built nearby.

…when you can do most tasks one-handed because you’ve learned to do things while holding a child.

…when you automatically reach over to get something out of your spouse’s eye because you’re so used to doing the same for your child.

…when you have done laundry at 3 a.m.

….when you have literally cried over spilt milk.  (For me, it was breast milk I spilled back in my pumping days.  So incredibly sad!)

…when you wake up in the middle of the night with a children’s song stuck in your head.  (Mickey’s Hot Dog Song is bad for getting stuck in my head!)

…when you have nice shoes in your closet that you can no longer wear because they are now too small.  (Thank you, pregnancy!)

…when you walk through the grocery store carrying on a full conversation and running commentary.

…when you can’t stop worrying about all the what-ifs.

…when you want to stop every pregnant, soon-to-be first-time mom you see and give her advice.

…when you can begin planning your nap-time activity while still singing your kiddo’s favorite lullaby.

…when your dream vacation would start with three days to yourself just to sleep (and maybe finally finish the book you started reading a long time ago!) before the rest of your family arrived.

…when you forget what it’s like to take a leisurely shower.

…when you have been used as a human Kleenex or mattress.

…when you get more excited at clothes shopping for your child than yourself.

…when you’ve wanted to yell, “Just go to sleep!” to your little one, fully understanding that would actually do even more harm to the sleep cause.

…when you’ve pretended to wash/feed/snuggle/sing to/back scratch/diaper change a doll.

…when you think that any event starting after 6:30 p.m. is late.

…when you pick a restaurant to eat at based on where kids eat free that night.

…when you’re so used to cutting up food for someone else before you start eating that you only get a really hot meal a couple of times a month when the kiddo is with her grandparents.

…when you know the difference in how long five minutes goes by based on whether you have a crying child or a happy one.

…when your heart has broken into a million pieces because your child is upset, crying hysterically and you can’t fix it.

…when your heart has grown in size because your child wants to snuggle/is laughing/says something sweet.  (My current favorite is when Lexiana will pat me and say, “Good girl, mommy.”)

…when you realize that even though bringing the child into this world was hard and miserable and intense that you’d do it all again because you can’t imagine life without that child.

What else can you think of?

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