Quiet mornings

Ahhhh.  Do you hear that?  Silence.  Well, aside from Steven Curtis Chapman singing on the Contemporary Christian station on my television and my refrigerator fan kicking on.  But, otherwise, I have silence in my house this morning.  Ahhhh.

I love my mornings.  I’m a complete morning person and always have been.  For a long time, my kiddo has been on a schedule of getting up around 8:30 or 9 a.m.  And she talks herself awake, so I usually have at least 15 minutes from the time I hear her until I get her up.  If I go right away, she’s not quite awake and ready to rise.

So, I get up early.  I read my Bible and have prayer time.  Then I pour a bowl of cereal and head to the couch corner to watch 30 minutes of something just for me.  Today it was “19 Kids and Counting.”  Next I turn on my computer, check Facebook and my Chatterbox Mamas group then get to work on something.  Every other day, I shower before it’s time to get the kiddo up.  (If I do so everyday, my hair becomes cotton candy.)

A week ago, that changed when Lexiana got sick.  It’s stayed changed.  Even yesterday she was crying at 7 a.m.  But, today, she is still asleep and it’s 8:33 a.m. at this moment.  I’ve actually already showered just in case she was up earlier.  Though I’ve had the same amount of sleep as I did the last couple of nights, this morning I feel much more rested.  I’ve been back to my routine today, and I love it.

I know some folks don’t like schedules and the same routine everyday, but I thrive on that stuff.  Sure, I like change sometimes.  However, even on vacation, I usually find myself up doing the same things before everyone else gets up.  As an introvert, I need alone time to rejuvenate myself.  When I go too long without any alone time, then I get the point where I almost shut down.  I get grouchy and exhausted.  Yesterday afternoon, in fact, I had such a moment.  I was hanging out with my two favorite people: my husband and my daughter.  We were riding around with the top down on the Jeep enjoying the beautiful day as we ran a couple of errands and I was a grump.

Fortunately, after dinner, buying some new shoes for Lexiana and then having family play time in the backyard, I felt better.  Now after a quiet morning, I feel even better.  I feel more grounded.  I feel more rested.  I feel more ready to conquer the day and complete the tasks on my to do list.  It’s amazing how just a couple of relatively early morning hours can make such a difference, but they do indeed.

I love time with my family, but I love my quiet mornings.  I love being with just myself, preparing for the day.  I love the stillness.  I love listening to the birds chirp.  I love being responsible for only myself for a couple of hours (unless you count the baby monitor sitting nearby to listen for my child).  My quiet mornings are my favorite part of the day that allow me to later enjoy time hanging out with my family.

What part of your day do you enjoy most?

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