Flash-way-back photo Monday

Today is my mom’s birthday.  For her birthday, I went through some old family photos.  I wanted to share a few here from my childhood.  There were many, many more that reminded me of so many good memories.  And there were many more from before I was born.  Above all, going through these photos has made me realized how incredibly blessed I am to have the parents I have and the family I have.  It’s also made me realize how much certain family members resemble one another!  Enjoy!

This photo shows me around age 1 with my parents and big brother, Brent. We were in front of my grandparents' house.

I love this picture because it shows my brother's personality and my predisposition to frizzy hair. I still have hair days like this sometimes.

My mama and I. I think this was either Easter or before a mother/daughter banquet. My parents still have that clock. I can't remember a time without it.

On one of our many becah vacations. I think this was Myrtle Beach. We went there for many years along with my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparents. Very good vacation memories!

I have no idea where this was, but I love it for the action of us playing together. My mom always took time to play with us.

One of our Christmas photos. This was at my grandparents' house where we went every Christmas Eve.

And this is a recent photo of my parents that I had to include because it's one of my favorites. Appearances may change a bit, but the love and foundation for our family remains strong. For that, I am thankful.


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