Confessions – Round 2

A couple of months ago, I told you how a group of moms I’m friends with online  lists random confessions.  It really is very therapeutic.  Since I’m running low on ideas for today’s blog post, I thought it was about time for another round of my random confessions.  Feel free to share some of yours as well!

I confess that right now my child isn’t wearing any pants.  This doesn’t often happen, but we’ve started potty training, so it makes life a bit easier.

I confess that it’s nearly 11 a.m. and I still haven’t dried my hair from my shower earlier.

I confess that watching my husband and child play together is one of my favorite things on the planet.

I confess that I really am not jealous that my husband can make our daughter laugh easier and more often than I can.

I confess that I’m saving errands to run for later this evening instead of this morning like I probably should have done.

I confess that I got a new cereal to try, Raisin Nut Bran, that I have fallen in love with.  And while I asked my Facebook friends for cereal suggestions a couple of weeks ago, this one didn’t make the list.  Yet, I bought it and love it anyway.

I confess that I’m trying to decide between making tacos and homemade pizza for dinner tonight.

I confess that I’m looking forward to seeing the new X-Men movie this weekend.

I confess that unlike a decade ago, I now very much know the difference between DC and Marvel Comics.  (And I’m partial to Marvel.)

I confess that I keep getting distracted from writing this blog post because I stop to watch my daughter playing with her father who is on a break from working at home today.

I confess that I had a great time visiting with a friend yesterday afternoon even though I wasn’t as productive as I probably should have been.

I confess that I am still in love with my razor.  Dorky, perhaps, but it really makes me happy.

I confess that sometimes after my daughter goes down for a nap or to bed, I breathe a very big sigh of relief, even when she’s been a happy, well behaved kiddo.

I confess that I have hidden or put away a few of my daughter’s books that drive me crazy to read.

I confess that I’m out of confessions for now!

Anyone else want to share?  It really is fun!

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