Parent speak

I have realized recently that I now say lots of things that I never said before becoming a parent.  Here are 25 recent statements.

    1. Don’t eat Mickey.  He doesn’t taste good.  (Referring to a Mickey Mouse magnet)
    2. That is Buckles’ (the dog’s) toy.  Put it in his bed.
    3. Yes, mommy is going to the potty.
    4. Shawn is a punkin.  (Confirming what she said using her favorite term of endearment and referring to my brother-in-law)
    5. There is a Minnie Mouse convention on the couch.  (Three different sized Minnies all gather together.)
    6. No more blueberries.  (The kid could eat her weight in them if I let her.)
    7. You’re a good drinking buddy. (She likes sometimes for me to drink my water while she drinks her milk in her sippy cup.)
    8. That’s not a chicken.  It’s a bird.  (Birds on the ground confuse her.)
    9. I didn’t know there was an elephant in the backyard.
    10. You have to hold my finger to walk outside.
    11. Where is Doll?  (Her favorite doll is named “Doll” and the only one she sleeps with.  I found her recently on the bathroom scale. She gets around.)
    12. Don’t kick mommy.
    13. Stop playing with your turkey.  You need to eat it.
    14. No thumb.  (Wait three seconds.)  No finger either. (We are working on curbing the sucking thumb issue even more.)
    15. The trash truck is coming!
    16. Let me clean your fingers.  (Every time we come home from being in public, because I am germ paranoid)
    17. Don’t put crackers/BBQ sauce/chicken/etc. on your head.
    18. How did you get crackers/BBQ sauce/chicken/etc. in your ear?
    19. Hey, cute girl.
    20. Yummy, yummy, yummy in your tummy, tummy, tummy.
    21. Finish eating what’s in your hand before you can get down.
    22. We don’t dip crackers/strawberries/cheese/etc.  (She is very into dip right now.)
    23. Leave Buckles alone.  He doesn’t want any juice/need his nose wiped/want his toy stuffed in his mouth/etc.
    24. Do NOT get in the trash.
    25. You have to be patient.

      And, because I have to mention it, my favorite thing my husband has said since becoming the dad of a daughter came a couple of months ago at Toys R Us:

      • I really like that princess purse.

      What things have you said to your kids (human or furry) recently?

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