Together again

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I’d tell you that as a mother, I’m pretty sure my heart couldn’t be any fonder of my child than it is.  But, after my longest time away from her in her 19 months of life, I think there is probably a bit of truth to that.

When we picked up Lexiana just before dinner last night, she seemed somehow older and more verbally skilled than when we’d said good-bye to her five days before.  I’d even seen her for some visits in the interim, but still she seemed more a girl than a baby than ever before.  I had more patience for her, I know, as we spent time together last evening.  I didn’t mind so much about cleaning her up after dinner or reading books to her multiple times before moving on to the next.  Fonder?  Maybe.

I know I also found her antics even cuter than usual, and I always find her cute.  Her version of the newly learned “You Are My Sunshine” started it off when she was saying “grape” instead of “gray.”  I dare you to sing “You make me happy when skies are grape” without smiling.  My husband and I shared a few smiles throughout the evening at her cuteness.

I also found that I was very proud of her.  She did incredibly well being apart from us for so long.  In fact, she had such a good time with my parents that I was afraid she wouldn’t want to come home with us.  When my parents brought her to visit a few days ago, she happily said good-bye to me, gave me a hug, blew me a kiss and headed to the door to leave.  She wasn’t interested in staying.  But, when we went to pick her up yesterday, she did well.  She was equally as happy to leave with us.  Partially, I think the kid just likes to go somewhere in the car.  But, she made the adjustment to being away from home to being back at home very well.

I think the adjustment was a little bit harder on me, but I survived as well.  My dad even told me he was proud of me, because he understood it was hard.  I realized in these last couple of days when I was feeling better but not better enough to be in charge of her on my own that I needed to pray for not only physical but emotional strength.  I want always what is best for my daughter.  And sometimes that is hard on me.  But, that’s what parenthood is sometimes about.

In the end, we all made it.  And I’m happy to have my kiddo back under the same roof with me.  Today our dog will be joining us so that our family is all together once again.

I’m not sure that my child really did grow or learn lots of new things in our time away, but my parents did teach her at least one new habit that I’m fond of.  This is what took place in my kitchen after dinner last night:

Not too shabby!  I may have to leave her over there again sometime soon so they can teach her how to do laundry.

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