For the last few days, one corner of the couch has been my domain.  I’ve slept there; I’ve eaten there; I’ve lived there.  I’m equipped with a water bottle, tissues, a flashlight, the phone, my computer, the remote control and a magazine.  I even have a stash of napkins and a bottle of Advil for added convenience.  By yesterday, I was pretty sure that I was starting to meld into the couch and become one with it.  It is the joy of recovery from surgery.  Mine was laparoscopic, so I know it’s a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery, but it definitely still takes recovery time.  Standing up straight takes me a minute even now, four days out.


It’s been a quiet recovery.  My dog is staying at my in-law’s house.  My daughter is staying at my parents’ house.  My husband spent much of the weekend at the hospital with his mom who is dealing with an unexpected health issue.  So, I’ve had lots of solo time.  Being an introvert, I don’t mind time to myself, but being a mom for 19 months, I’ve realized that I’m not used to it.

Now that I’m beyond the phase of sleeping the days away, I’m finding myself antsy.  Who the heck do I take care of?  No one needs me to let him outside to do business.  No one needs me to read “Llama Llama Red Pajama” to her for the third time.  No one needs me to do anything.  And so I sit on my end of the couch.  And I watch way too much television.

I’ve learned that I really do have a reality TV problem.  I’ve also learned that I was very behind on shows.  Four days out, and I’m still picking offerings from the DVR instead of life television (which is awesome because I’m not a fan of commercials).  I’ve learned that Bobby Flay really has to do a lot of voice-overs when he’s filming shows, and they are obvious.  I’ve learned that the Judds have repaired their relationship.  I’ve learned that Shania Twain has lost her confidence, had a hard childhood and is on a journey to find herself.  I’ve found out (at last) who was fired from the last couple episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and who won the recent season of “The Amazing Race.”  I discovered who won “American’s Next Great Restaurant.”  And many more things.  You wouldn’t believe how many shows you can watch when you’re stuck on the couch by yourself and too tired to read.

I also learned some other lessons on being alone.  I found out that I can make cinnamon toast for myself at 3 in the afternoon and not have to share it with anyone.  I also found out when making said cinnamon toast that keeping the cinnamon and sugar stored in the cabinet above the stove is a tricky stretch for a still tender abdomen.

I learned that I can set the thermostat where I want it and not have to worry about making someone (my husband) too hot or stressing about whether I’m making my daughter either too hot or too cold.  I learned that I can watch the television at whatever volume I want, even during my daughter’s usual sleeping time.

I learned that I really do depend on the Internet to help me feel connected to other people.  I’ve had support from my Chatterbox Mamas.  I’ve had support from my Facebook friends.  And I love technology to keep me connected.  I’ve shared text messages with my husband to check on his mom and keep him updated on how I’m doing.  I’ve shared text messages with my mom to communicate with her during the kiddo’s nap time.

It’s been an interesting journey.  I’m still not back to my normal self, but I’m close.

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