Automatic soap

Last Christmas we got an automatic soap dispenser.  Being that I’m married to a technophile, we got it set up within a few days to try out.  It was disastrous.  Sometimes it would dispense soap just because we turned on the light in the bathroom.  Sometimes it wouldn’t dispense soap when we had our hand under waiting for soap to come up.  And it did this random clicking thing.  I joked that it better not be taking my photo and posting it online.

Within a week, the dispenser was gathering dust in our bathroom closet.  Then we heard about the Lysol No Touch soap dispenser.  I had my doubts.  I didn’t want to invest in something that wouldn’t work.  My husband thought it was worth a try.  We waited.  After all, who really needs an automatic soap dispenser at their house?

Then a couple of weeks ago, I got a coupon for $3 off.  I decided to get one for my husband since our birthdays were coming up.  It wouldn’t be his actual birthday present, but it was a good excuse combined with the coupon.  I made a trip to Target and returned home.

It even came with batteries.

I had low expectations.  I figured for the $5 I had invested in the dispenser, I’d be OK if it didn’t work.  I left it in the package and let my husband do the setup.  We were both pleasantly surprised.  Lysol got it right.  The dispenser dispenses every time I put my hand under it.  It is incredibly quiet.  It doesn’t click at me.  And it doesn’t dispense when we don’t want it to.  Well, unless you count the glob of soap that came out when I was cleaning the bathroom over the weekend, but that was a user error.  (And I remembered there was an “off” switch on the back for a reason.)

Our only complaint thus far is that it dispenses a bit too much soap.  The soap fragrance I got with it was the cucumber one.  It is a bit strong on smell for me personally, but I’m a very smell sensitive person.  It’s not too bad, though.  I’m curious as to whether any soap will work in it.  We’ve not run out, yet, to test it.

And, honestly, I am thinking of getting a second one.  It would be great in the kitchen when I’m doing something like working with raw meat and need to wash my hands to stay sanitary.  The automatic dispenser would be nice to keep me from doing some crazy arm motions to avoid getting raw meat juices on top of my old-fashioned soap dispenser.  Of course, the Lysol dispenser is a bit large for the kitchen sink.  But, I’m thinking about it (and keeping an eye out for coupons, because that’s how I roll!).

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