A crazy week

Sometimes life can be overwhelming.  In the midst of good things happening (like I mentioned on Monday), this week has been very difficult and tomorrow promises the biggest difficulty, yet.  I’m going in for outpatient laparoscopic surgery to remove a cyst.  And yesterday I had one of my hardest days with my kiddo that I’ve had since she was a tiny baby.  All together, it’s made for quite an overwhelmed and emotional mama at times.

Yesterday started with a meltdown that lasted 30 minutes not long after breakfast just because she couldn’t hold three dolls, a pretend bottle and her own sippy cup all at once.  I did all the tricks like trying to ignore her and trying to distract her, but it just escalated to the point where I sat and held her and sang to her.  We made a trip to Target with success, but afterward she was again a bit crazy.  Lunch was a battle.  She was crying by the end of it.  Then I smashed my thumb and I was fighting my own tears, which made hers worse.

Nap time was so incredibly needed, but after 20 minutes, the distraught crying started.  After again trying my tricks and nothing working, I actually laid down on my bed.  I thought she’d be OK beside me, but she wanted to lie right on top of me.  My child NEVER sleeps like this.  She seldom did so as a newborn.  She definitely hasn’t as a toddler.  And she’s never slept in my bed.  But, it worked.  She slept for an hour instead of her usual two, but it was better than nothing.  Then the tornado sirens went off.  I had to go let the dog in (he’s terrified of storms).  The hail started a few minutes later.

My kiddo showing off her new nightgown. She was so excited and cute, it made the crazy day disappear.

The kiddo was happier when she woke up, though, and the rest of the afternoon and evening went much better.  Lexiana donned her first nightgown and was tickled about it.  I didn’t get much done yesterday that I wanted and needed to do, but we survived.  In fact, after we put her to bed, I told my husband I felt like I ought to get a T-Shirt that said, “I survived today.”

I’m hoping for a better day today.  So far she’s sleeping a little later.  In fact, she’s just starting to stir as I type this just before 9 a.m.  My husband is home for a couple of hours since he’s starting his work day late.  While I miss having him home for dinner, I am glad to have him here this morning.

Later I’ll pack up some of Lexiana’s things.  She’s headed to my parents’ house for a couple of days while I deal with my health issue.  She’ll have a good time, I hope.  They’ll be excited to see her, I know.  It eases my mind to know that she will be in good hands while I’m recovering.  I’m thankful to have both my parents and my in-laws around who love and care for Lexiana so much.

I’m also thankful for the folks in my life who are praying for me extra this week.  I had a nice conversation with my aunt on Monday who assured me that she’d be praying for me tomorrow, even as she’s flying on a trip.  That’s big because I know how flying scares her.  She’ll have her own concerns, but she’ll remember mine as well.  There was a nice e-mail in my inbox this morning from a friend who lives across the country telling me that she’d be praying for me.

And there are a whole slew of others as well.  My online community of Chatterbox Mamas responded yesterday when I asked for assurance that I wasn’t the only one with a crazy kiddo.  They also are keeping me in thought and prayer.

While I’m thankful I’m not dealing with something very major, I am also thankful that I have people in my life who are there through the thick and thin of it.  God knew what I’d need this week, and He provided by surrounding me with people who He can minister through.  I’m thankful for that.

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