She’s no mini-me

I was watching a show about pregnancy the other day and an expectant mom was looking forward to her daughter and anticipating that she’d be just like her.  I almost laughed out loud.  I didn’t blog about this after I had Lexiana because back then when I got the chance to blog, I was writing about work instead of motherhood.  I’ve decided to share it now.

Lexiana is not at all what I expected in a daughter.  I have brown hair and dark brown eyes.  My husband has black hair and hazel eyes.  Dark colors are usually dominant.  When I pictured my daughter before she was born she looked a lot like my niece who has brown hair and eyes.  I even bought her a couple of dolls with brown hair and eyes.  I did an online test where I entered the eye color of myself, my husband, our parents and siblings to predict her eye color.  She had a 50 percent chance at brown eyes, a 30 percent chance of hazel and a 20 percent chance of blue.  Just as I suspected.  Brown was her biggest chance.

And then she arrived and defeated all odds.  My child has the brightest blue eyes.  Though my father-in-law, brother-in-law and mom all have blue eyes, there is something about them that reminds me of my maternal grandpa who passed away back in 1998.  His eyes always had a certain gleam to them.  He was one of the kindest, gentlest, most caring people I’ve ever known.  I say that as his granddaughter, but the world saw it, too.  His calling hours were so busy, in fact, the mortuary had to open a second room to hold everyone.  He just had that effect on people.  I see that gleam in Lexiana’s eyes.  My grandpa wasn’t supposed to have blue eyes either.  His parents and all of his numerous siblings had brown eyes.  His were bright blue.  I have to imagine that he smiles down on her with her blue eyes.

This is an older photo from her first birthday photo shoot, but you can see the differences in our appearance well here. (Photo by Elizabeth Bailey-Saylor)

Along with her blue eyes, she also defied odds with red hair.  I’m not positive it’s going to stay red, but it is red right now.  My maternal grandma and all of her sisters have red hair.  My brother-in-law has reddish brown hair.  My husband has red in his facial hair.  Her hair is so red right now that we often have strangers ask us where she got it from.  I finally came up with a glib answer thanks to the help of a friend: I ate too much spaghetti when I was pregnant.

I’ve looked a lot at Lexiana throughout her 19 months living outside of me.  I’d love to tell you that aside from her earlobes, hair and eye color that she looks like me.  But, she doesn’t.  She looks 100 percent like her father.  People often say that families see themselves in their offspring, but no one in my family thinks she looks like anyone except Chris.

I’ve investigated her and found that she has my fingers.  I can take credit for those, but otherwise, she is certainly not a mini-me when it comes to appearance.  Unless something changes dramatically over the next few years, no one would see us out somewhere and assume she’s mine.

A more recent photo of the kiddo showcasing her red hair and love of books. (Taken by Michelle Martin of Maganda Photos.)

However, this child of mine has some of my personality.  A good friend recently told me that looking at Lexiana she’d never guess she was mine.  Spending time with her would tell a different story, though.  I think my friend is right.  Lexiana shares my loves for books and words.  Her vocabulary and verbal skills are ahead of their time.  She loves music like I do.  She’s certainly sensitive like I am.  We seldom have to raise our voices at her to get her to obey.  She likes to have things in order and maintain a schedule, just like her mama.  She is a bit OCD about some things (like closing doors), just like her mom.

My child is no mini-me.  She is not the girl I expected in appearance to say the least.  And, yet, she is perfect.

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