Change is exciting

I am sometimes slow to change.  Sometimes I fight change.  And sometimes change scares me.  Other times, all of these statements may be true but I’m excited by it nonetheless.  And that is the position in which I find myself on this Monday morning.  I made a couple of changes over the weekend that I think will be for the better.

I'm embracing change.

The first and most obvious to you is my blog itself.  The layout is different.  I’ve had the same layout since I started my blog a couple of years ago.  I thought it was time to change.

What I like about the new layout is the color scheme works well with the rest of my Web site.  I also like that the blogroll is on the side of posts instead of at the bottom.  And I like that the categories are listed there as well.  Having them across the top like I did in the previous layout caused me some issues behind the scenes.

Along with the layout, you’ll also notice the addition of ads at the top of my blog (if you don’t have an ad blocker turned on).  I’ve decided to try this through Google AdSense for a while and see how it goes as an effort to generate a bit of income for each ad clicked.

Aside from my blog, the other change that happened over the weekend was getting a new cell phone.  I’ve always been behind the times in my cell phone.  In fact, I just started texting for the first time last year, and I still don’t do it all that often.  I use a prepaid cell phone because it works well for my needs and my budget.  But, AT&T just released a SmartPhone for their prepaid Go Phones and I was able to get it last week.

I will admit to you that I was incredibly intimidated by this phone.  I was excited about being able to check and send work e-mail from my phone rather than lugging my laptop all around the house during the day while I take care of my child.  However, I wasn’t sure how to work the thing very well.  Honestly, I’m good at technology mostly, but this was different.  My biggest complaint with the new phone is that it has a touchscreen keyboard.  It takes me twice as long to type something on it because the keyboard is learning how I type.  That’s what I’ve been told anyway.  I’m hoping that with practice and usage that will get much better.

And, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention my husband through all of this change.  I’m married to a wonderfully patient man.  He knows pretty much everything about technology.  He works in it; he plays in it; he loves it.  I would tell you that he helped me make changes to my blog, but I’d be lying.  There was no helping.  He just did it.  He spent a few hours at his computer this weekend working on my stuff.  And he spent a long time helping me set up my phone, including my e-mail, and then showing me how to use it.  The man is patient, smart and good for me to say the least.

I’d love to hear your feedback.  What do you think of the new layout and the addition of ads on my blog?  Do you have any advice as I learn to navigate my new phone?

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