A marriage lesson from TV

Sometimes I am such a girl.  And sometimes I am surprised by that fact.  I’ve always been a rather girly girl.  My parents report that I’d ask for jewelry and want my hair styled from the time I could talk.  But, I’ve also maintained somewhat of a tomboy streak.  I like going fishing.  I don’t mind killing spiders.  That kind of stuff.

And yet, I was surprised at the girlyness of myself I’ve encountered recently while watching a television show.  Feel free to judge me, if you’d like, but I’ve grown fond of the CW’s series “The Vampire Diaries.” It’s like “Twilight” except with more realistic vampires.  By that I mean, the vampires burn in the sun rather than glitter.

I realized that the Salvatore brothers, both of whom are vampires committed to keeping one girl safe, make me swoon a bit.  I was trying to decide why I felt that way.  It wasn’t a physical attraction to them (though they aren’t bad to look at) but rather an attraction to the kind of character they play.  I think women are often drawn to men who want nothing more than to protect them and look out for them at their weakest moments.  And that’s exactly the sentiment that “The Vampire Diaries” plays upon.  (I’m also happy to know that both brothers are around my age with one being a year older and the older being two years younger [thank you, Wikipedia].  I don’t want to feel like a cougar.)

But, this whole idea of a protector got me thinking.  I realized that is part of what draws me to my husband.  We aren’t battling supernatural forces together.  There is no original, big, bad vampire trying to kill me.  But, we battle lots of things together in life.  We’ve battled job loss, chronic illnesses, death of family members, major family illness and more.  We are there for each other.  In ways that I sometimes don’t even realize, Chris is my protector.

He gets upset when someone mistreats me.  He gives me a hug when I’m feeling low.  He wipes away my tears.  He looks through the outside of me and asks about the inside.  He works hard everyday to keep our family well fed and in a nice home.  He makes me laugh when I most need to.  He protects me from myself.  Sometimes I can get wrapped up in my head and my own worries and concerns.  When I voice them to him — or he guesses them — he brings me back to reality.

He is my literal protector as well.  I’ve been surprised a few times when he has told me he was worried about me in a certain situation when I was out by myself.  I was very surprised to learn a few years ago that at the very first movie we went to together, when he got up to go to the bathroom, he asked the usher to keep an eye on me to make sure I was OK and safe.  Chris is still that same man.  He helps me make sure my car is running safely to make sure I’m OK as I drive.  He double-checks the locks and garage door each night before we go to bed to keep us safe.

And while I will still watch “The Vampire Diaries” (the plot is thickening for sure!), I know that now I’ve made this conclusion, I’ll also think about Chris.  He may be a couch cushion away as the drama unfolds, but he’s all I need in a husband.  For that I am thankful.  Who would have thought such a show could teach me a marriage lesson?

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