The Swivel Sweeper makes me Swoon

I have a good brother-in-law.  Seriously.  That said, when I opened my gift from him last Christmas, I was a bit dubious.  He’d gotten me a Swivel Sweeper.  I wasn’t offended that he might think my floors were messy or anything, I just wasn’t sure if I’d actually use the thing.

My husband was in cahoots with his brother and suggested this gift for me.  I’d not heard of it.  As an “As Seen on TV” product, it was just making its way into stores.

My Swivel Sweeper propped in the corner of my office.

Now, months later, I will tell you that I’m in love with my Swivel Sweeper.  Seriously.  I’ve preached its praise to my family and friends.  Between my kiddo and my dog, little particles of stuff find them way onto my floors.  Buckles brings in leaves that get stuck in his bushy tail.  Lexiana drops bit of Goldfish from her highchair as she eats.

However, those two also make vacuuming a challenge.  Buckles runs in fear of the vacuum cleaner or barks at it.  Lexiana tries to play with the cord.  Of course, this is after I’ve pried the child safety cover off the power outlet to plug it in.

I’ve long liked my Swiffer, but it didn’t help so much with this kind of stuff.  The Swivel Sweeper really does.  It has a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t plug into an outlet.  I’ve hardly had to charge the battery.  It’s also super lightweight so I don’t hurt myself lugging it around the house.  It’s much quieter than a vacuum cleaner as well.  It gets both Lexiana’s and Buckles’ attention, but it doesn’t alarm Buckles and I can even use it while the kiddo is napping.

Most importantly, it seriously picks up the little debris that pops up throughout our house.  It works well on my carpet and vinyl floors alike.  While I still do vacuum (the thing isn’t designed for heavy-duty cleaning and I have long hairs that get wrapped around it) and sweep with a traditional broom and dustpan, this Swivel Sweeper thing really comes in handy for all the in between times, of which there are many.

It comes with a tool to unwind things that get stuck in its street-cleaner-like bristles that I’ve used a few times.  And I like the design that lets me hold it over the garbage can and release the bottom to empty.

My only complaint is the magnet that holds the head to the stick for flat storage isn’t very strong.  Every time I hang it on my broom rack, the magnet releases and it no longer stores flat.  But, that’s manageable.  After all, my broom rack is in a utility closet that no one ever sees.

I have to say kudos to my brother-in-law for getting it for me.  And props to my husband as well for suggesting it.  In a perhaps sad and corny way, the Swivel Sweeper really does make me happy.

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