She’s back!

Last week I told you how my kiddo was taking a break from her usual happy self, and I was waiting for her to return to normal once her teeth stopped bothering her so much.  A week later, she’s back!

My kiddo happily enjoying a snack cup of Cheerios on Wednesday morning.

By Tuesday of this week, I started noticing a better attitude from my little one.  It was a good day for her to be happier because it was a crazy day for her mama.  I had a last-minute doctor appointment.  She started her day with my mom feeding her breakfast and then headed to my parents’ house to hang out with my dad when my appointment ran late and my mom had to help my grandma go to the doctor.  We followed all that up by having lunch with my parents and grandma.  Lexiana was pushing her awake limit because we were behind schedule, but she was chipper.

We dined at a restaurant that tends to cater to an older crowd.  Lexiana had a good time munching on her food that came from all four of our plates and entertaining the staff and other customers.  She looked sweetly at a few fellow patrons that we knew.

Her good mood continued yesterday.  She played around me while I did some household chores.  She even played in my office for a few minutes while I worked.  Usually when she’s awake while I work I take my laptop elsewhere in the house, but she did a great job in my office for a few minutes.  She told me when she was hungry and happily ate her lunch.  She grabbed a Spider-man book and led me back to her bedroom afterward ready for her nap.  She enjoyed playing with the dog and seeing him get a bath.  Then (after I cleaned the tub well) she enjoyed her own bath by splashing water and playing with her toy hippo.

I knew my kiddo would return.  I just had to be patient.  And I’m again making a mental note of this fact for the next time when she goes through a cranky week.

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