I love my new razor

I’ve never done product reviews on here, but recently I’ve used a few products that have made my life so incredibly much easier that I had to start.  And I have to start with my new razor.  I have fallen in love with the Schick Intuition razor.

I've fallen in love with this razor because it's made my life easier and my legs smoother. Nice!

I hate shaving my legs; however, I also hate for them to be hairy.  Finding time to shave got more challenging with motherhood.  It doesn’t matter as much during the cold winter months when my legs come out of hiding only for showers.  Indiana summers are hot, though, so my legs come out during the summer when I wear capris and shorts.

Before my child was mobile, I’d save shaving my legs for when she was awake.  I think all moms have a mental list of tasks they can do while the child is asleep and what they can do while the child is awake.  I sure do.  When she’s sleeping, I do things like work, shower and eat in peace.  When she’s awake, I do things like gather laundry, put on makeup and pick up our messes.  I used to be able to shave when she was awake.  Then she got mobile and that changed.

Now she’s curious about everything.  I know she’d have no qualms about coming into the bathroom (she’s always in there with me anyway) and feeling up my shaving-creamed legs.

On a tip from my sister-in-law, I decided to try the Intuition which has shaving cream and moisturizer built into it.  I’d heard of it before but figured it’d be expensive and doubted it would work well.  It was under $10.  And I trusted my sister-in-law not to lead me astray.  She has one 3-year-old and three 1-year-olds right now.  I know she wouldn’t mess with anything that would take extra time or be a royal pain.

Then I tried it.  Holy moly!  I’m incredibly impressed.  In a matter of just a few minutes that first time out, my legs were smooth.  I’m guessing it will go even faster the next time around as I get used to it.  My only impairment is that I can’t see as well in the shower since I can’t wear my contacts, but it worked.

And now, my legs won’t have to stay in hiding whenever the weather actually warms up.

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