Waiting for my child

Note to self: my child will return to her normal, happy self.  The week has been a bit rocky with teething and finding her ibuprofen allergy.  And while Lexiana isn’t a complete bear, she is not herself.  She fusses easier.  She needs more attention.  She wakes up at night.  She isn’t as interested in eating.  She’s just not herself.

I know she’s not feeling great.  Teething stinks.  Heck, I’m on edge after a dental cleaning sometimes when my teeth are all picked at.  I know teething is worse.  And I know that she has no idea what is going on which makes it even harder.

I’m in it for the long haul with her, of course.  That’s what mothers do.  I have patience with her.  I may run shorter on patience with other folks right now because she uses a lot of it up, but that’s where we are.  Today I’m reminding myself that she will get back to her normal, happy self.  She always does.  This isn’t our first time down this road.  And I know it won’t be our last.

On a warm spring day this week, we headed to the backyard and had some fun.

All that said, we’ve had our good moments this week, too.  We’ve spent time looking out the picture window, playing outside, wallowing around on the living room floor with the dog, playing peek-a-boo when I changed the bed sheets, moving laundry from one pile to another and reading countless books.

This weekend she will spend some time with her grandparents.  They will play with her and love her.  They will snuggle with her when she needs extra attention.  She will entertain them and chase their dog, too.  As my mother-in-law reminded us last night, she knows how to take care of a teething child.  She’s been through it before.

My husband and I will have some time together to play some games with friends and remember that we’re adults.   We will enjoy a bit of a reprieve from teething.  We will also miss her.  I will count the hours until she returns, just as I am waiting through the hours until she returns to her regular self.  And when we pick her up from her grandparents, I’ll be happy to see her and ready to start another week whether she’s fussy or happy.  She is my kiddo.  I’ll take her any way I get her!

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