Trash Wednesdays

Our trash runs on Wednesdays.  The garbage truck tends to come around noon.  And it’s gotten to be an exciting time around our house lately.

Sure, in the past I never paid much attention to the garbage truck.  I only noticed it on the times we had forgotten to put out our trashcans, and I’d try to beat the truck’s arrival to get them to the curb.   That was back when the truck made its round closer to 8 a.m.  Otherwise, I’d only pay attention to my Outlook reminder that pops up every Tuesday afternoon reminding me the trash needs to go to the curb.  My husband is great at pulling our cans around front for such purpose.

My dog, daughter and myself watching for the trash truck yesterday. Fun times!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was letting Lexiana hang out with me on the couch in our living room.   Right behind the couch is our large picture window overlooking the street.  Our dog, Buckles, has long loved to perch on the back of the couch to watch out front.  Lexiana isn’t allowed to perch on the top of the couch like he is, but she has developed a new love for standing and peering over the back to see everything.  We talk about the trees, the neighbor’s dog, cars occasionally driving down the road and squirrels.  This was a Wednesday, though, and the trash truck made its way down our street.  Lexiana was quite enthused.

Yesterday, we were in the dining room folding her laundry — well, I was folding it; she was handing it to me one piece at a time — when we heard the truck.  She got excited when I mentioned the trash truck was coming.  We hurried to the living room.  We missed it stopping in front of our house, but we did get to see it pass through  the second time around getting the cans on the other side of our street.

Trash Wednesdays are a favorite around here now.  Buckles and Lexiana both get excited.  We talk about the big white truck with blue writing on it.  It may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but it keeps us entertained and amused.

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