Good-bye, my beloved headset

Today I sadly let go of my beloved headset for my phone.  This headset has served me well for the last few years.  It wasn’t my first headset, and as I am planning a trip to Staples in just a little while, it won’t be my last.  But, this one survived for quite some time.

Good-bye, faithful headset. We had a good run.

It helped me through countless interviews.  It kept my neck up straight so that I could type with both hands.  I helped me talk on the phone during non-working hours while taking care of my child.  It saved my aching shoulder from having to move upward to cradle my phone.  It has been there.

Now, it no longer works.  Unfortunately, I didn’t discover that during a personal phone call but during one for an interview.  After twice calling my source and being able to hear her while she couldn’t hear me, I realized I had a problem.  A quick call to my husband assured me the problem was indeed on my end with my beloved headset.  When I called the source back as my headset languished unused on the desk beside me, I was thankful she was very understanding and didn’t think I was completely crazy or inept — or at least didn’t say so if she did.

I cannot live without my headset.  If you take my technology away, I’d give up nearly anything else.  Perhaps I am a bit crazy.  And perhaps I do get a bit attached to things, but this headset has at times seem to meld to my head as I’ve made one call after another working on an article.  However, I must bid this headset adieu and move on.  I’m sure, just like with the ones I’ve lost in the past, I’ll find the exact same model at Staples to bring home with me.  Plantronics has remained steadfast with this model through the years, and I love it.

Farewell, beloved headset.

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