When the world fades away

We have moments in life in which the world fades away and all that matters for a moment is our little bubble.  Sometimes these times are difficult moments.  And sometimes they are euphoric ones.

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I’ve had these moments with my husband.  I have also had them with my daughter.  Lexiana does not love to snuggle.  She is independent and active.  Even as a baby, she’d only occasionally sleep in our arms.  Now as a toddler, she has many more things to do then to just snuggle with mommy.

But, we have our moments.  Recently, she fell into the corner of the refrigerator.  I held her to comfort her.  I sang her a song that I first made up for her when we were in the hospital and every lullaby I’d ever known had flown from my brain.  It’s a song that comforts her no matter what.  I sang and she snuggled.

“You’re OK, little baby.  You’re OK, precious girl.”

I closed my eyes.  We swayed in the kitchen.

“You’re OK, my tiny darling.  You’re my angel in this world.”

I sang it again.  The whole thing probably for only lasted a couple of minutes, but it felt longer.  For that time, the world faded away.  Nothing else mattered.  That is love.

I try to treasure these moments.  I know they won’t last forever.  There will come a day when she’s too big for me to hold her.  There will come a day when she’s off living her own life.  She won’t remember these moments that we’re having right now.  She’s much too young.  But, she will have a foundation of love and security from the beginning on which to build her life and grow.  And I pray that when she does grow up, she will find love that makes the world fade away just like I have.

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