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Way back in one of my first journalism classes at Ball State University about 12 years ago, my professor said something that stuck with me.  Howie Snyder was an ex-Marine and former restaurant owner who had been featured in the documentary series that followed up with the original Middletown studies which took an in-depth look at Muncie, Ind.  Howie also taught an introductory journalism class.  He had a big personality.


Along with sharing journalistic insights, he also shared a bit of his life philosophy with us.  One in particular stuck out to me.  “If you’re going to laugh at it later,” he told us, “why not laugh at it now?”

I think about that sometimes.  It’s solid advice.  I don’t have this attitude downpat by any means, but I do think about it.  I thought about it this week as I made jokes about my bum shoulder.  You have to have a sense of humor to get through life.  We all have stories that we look back on and laugh about after the fact.  My husband and I share a story of an anniversary trip to Michigan a few years ago where we lost our car keys in the lake.  We had a few other adventures on that trip as well.  At the time as we sat around waiting for my parents to drive four hours to get to us with our spare keys, we weren’t especially laughing.  Now we laugh about it for sure.

I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately.  Then today, I heard a radio advertisement for Christian comedian Mark Lowry.  He said, “I was in a tornado once.  I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I’d have known I was going to live through it.”

The two quotes combined together aren’t such a bad philosophy.  I think back to the time I was on my first solo business trip to San Antonio.  I missed the bus stop and had to walk through downtown alone, after dark to get back to my hotel.  I walked as fast as I could.  I was scared to death.  If I’d have known I wasn’t going to get murdered, I would have enjoyed the walk.  I laugh at that now.  I couldn’t laugh at it then.  Life works that way.

Life is hard sometimes.  It’s scary sometimes.  But, we keep our sense of humor, we keep going and we make it.  Words of wisdom, our friends, our family and God help us along the way.  Life is certainly a journey.

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