Conquering the week

My shoulder is still on the fritz.  It’s better, but it’s far from normal.  I was thrilled to have successfully made it through last week.  I was amazed that I made it through.  I thanked God that I did.

Then came yesterday.  I realized that I had another week ahead of me that presented a number of new challenges.   I have a source deadline this week for collecting information for an upcoming article.  And I still have quite a few sources to track down who haven’t gotten back to me.  I have two sessions of physical therapy.  I have a fridge that is getting to be quite empty.  I am down to one towel in the linen closet.  I have to financial papers to organize.  I have calling hours to attend for my cousin who lost his battle with cancer.  I have 15-month-old who needs to be changed, played with fed and bathed.  The list continues.

As I thought about everything yesterday, I was overwhelmed.  I was defeated by the week before it had even begun.  My husband knows I can get like this.  Adding in an injury makes it even worse.  The patient man sat with me and went through everything I listed to him.  He made suggestions for when I could do certain tasks.  He pointed out where I could ask for help from him, his parents and my parents.  He reminded me that I’m not alone.  He reminded me that I wasn’t being a burden to ask for help, especially since my

My little chair thief who got me smiling at the start of a new week

shoulder is bummy.

I felt better.  He’s good at that.  I felt less defeated by the week.  Sometimes I can catastrophize.  Sometimes I can get ahead of myself.  Sometimes I stress about what will come rather than focusing on what I need to deal with at the moment.  It’s hard.

I woke up this morning feeling better.  I slept better last night than I have in over a week.  I don’t know why.  Honestly, I think it’s an answer to prayer.  Then Lexiana got up for the day.  She reminds me of all that is good.  She reminds me of why I need to get through the week.  She reminds me that I can enjoy snowy, overwhelming Monday mornings.  I’m amazed at the little girl she has become who communicates with me regularly.  I laugh at her antics.

I started typing this post in one kitchen chair.  I got up to take her photo to include in this post and before I’d moved two steps away, she took over the chair I was sitting in as a stand for her book.  Now I’m in another chair.  She wants this one now.  Silly girl.

Together, she and I will make it through this week, too.  But, right now, I only have to make it through this moment.  I don’t need to get ahead of myself.  I will do my best to conquer the week and not let it defeat me.

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