Little girl, big personality

This week I’ve hardly been able to work, which is interesting considering Monday’s post (which I wrote on Friday) about how work is a great release for me.  But, I’ve messed up my shoulder, so typing is tricky.  Taking care of a 15-month-old using just one arm is just as tricky.

One good thing, though, with this downtime has been hanging out with my little girl.  She has suddenly turned into a little girl with her personality shining through.  While she still stays close to me, she now has her own agenda.  For example, as I type at the kitchen table, she’s standing at our dining room couch reading to her baby doll.  I know this because she first tracked down the doll, sat her on the couch and then started reading “The Three Bears” to her.  Doll must speak her language, because she is not complaining.

Perhaps I’ve just noticed Lexiana’s personality through some of her newfound independence.  For example, I can’t carry her down the hallway after she gets up in the morning now.  So, after her diaper change, I stand her on the floor in her room, ask if she wants to eat and she takes off for the dining room and her highchair.  Today’s hallway trip included a short excursion to get her favorite bear out of my bedroom.  These things I didn’t see when my shoulder was fine. Instead, I carried her.  We chatted, but she was still stuck with me and my agenda.

Though I’ve been forced to allow her more independence, I think it’s a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not ready to ship her off to college, yet, but seeing her blossom into herself outside of me and what I think she is and should be doing has been a bonus to this injury.

I like her personality that’s coming out.  She’s sweet and hilarious.  She says funny things.  She does funny things.  And somehow I feel like she even somehow understands that I need extra cooperation, love and laughs this week.  She’s been happy to provide them for me.

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