Naps are a returnable gift

I have to follow up yesterday’s blog post with an update.  Yesterday I wrote about how naps are a gift and give me time to regroup, work and breathe, especially on difficult days like yesterday was.

However, I must add that naps are definitely a returnable gift.  Usually my daughter is predictable, but when she’s not feeling well, that predictability flies out the window.  That happened yesterday.  I offered her her usual two-hour nap.  She gave me 45 minutes then woke up crying.  Usually she wakes up chatting and happy.

In fact, she was so intense yesterday and continued playing with her ears so much that I called the pediatrician and took her in yesterday.  She got the all-clear from him.  It really is just a cold.  That’s good to know, but it didn’t help my day.  I had to put off some calls that needed to be made for work.  I was exhausted.  She was cranky.  It was quite a day.  I’d have preferred the gift of napping to have been used.

Last night, she went to bed an hour early.  Missing a nap can do that to a kiddo.  So, this morning she was up and at them way earlier than usual.  I’m learning to go with the flow.  Remember how I don’t like change?  She is changing things up on me again.  It’s not her fault since she’s sick, but it’s still change.

But today she is napping.  It is early.  She went to sleep around 10:30 a.m., in fact.  She’s not gone down this early for quite some time.  It is now almost noon and she’s still snoozing.  I’m not sure what it will do for her schedule later.  I do know that I’ve made the most of this unexpected downtime and gotten some work done.  I got more done than expected, actually.

Now, I just have to wait and see how the rest of the days goes.  But, I’ve gotten some downtime free from a cranky pants kiddo.  That definitely helps.

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