Naps are a gift

When Lexiana was a newborn and needed so much attention, my husband and I occasionally joked that God made babies so cute so we wouldn’t kill them.  Ha, ha.

Now that she is a full-blown toddler, I’ve decided God made kids need more sleep to give their poor parents a break.  I decided this today.  Lexiana is just getting over her first real cold.  She’s feeling better, but she’s still a bit oversensitive to things.  We had a good morning where she played independently while I got some things done.  Then we had our play time together.  Things started to take a turn for the worse.

First I had to discipline her for throwing a book at me instead of handing it to me.  She knows this.  She learned this lesson a couple of months ago.  But, today it went out the window.  She almost hit the poor dog with the book.  I told her a very firm “No!” and she burst into tears and cried as if her heart was broken or I’d conked her over the head with said book.

Then came lunchtime.  Usually she’s a good eater, but these past couple of days, she’s not so much.  I think it’s partially having been sick, teething and just her different calorie needs.  She has these phases for a couple of days sometimes.  Instead of trying something new, I went with food she was used to for lunch: Goldfish crackers, thinly sliced turkey and cheese.  She wasn’t much interested.  I got out some Townhouse crackers to have with some cheese myself and she did like those.

My kiddo with her peanut butter face.

She fussed throughout lunch and threw some things off her tray — another lesson she learned a while back but forgot today.  She got in trouble again.  Then I cut up an apple to share with her.  She calls every fruit an apple.  Heck, she even called an onion an apple the other day when she saw me chopping it.  She loves apples.  I decided to let her try a smear of peanut butter on some of her apple slices.  I wanted to get protein into her somehow.  But, she wasn’t much interested in either the apples or the peanut butter, though she did like smearing the peanut butter all over her sippy cup, fingers, nose and mouth.

When she proclaimed she was all done, I wrestled with her to get the peanut butter cleaned from between her fingers.  Usually she holds her hands out willingly or resignedly knowing that cleanup is coming.  Today she was defiant.

Then it was nap time.  I left her to drink her milk in her highchair while I tracked down her favorite doll.  She lovingly calls her “Doll” and has grown quite attached to her.  Before I could find doll, Lexiana was fussing again.  I let her out of her chair.  I didn’t say a word about what I was doing, but she somehow knew.  She started walking through the house hollering for Doll.  She went into her room and in her sad voice said, “Oh, Doll.”  I was about to start looking in the trash cans when I spied Doll’s foot sticking out from under my bed.

Her diaper change also met some resistance.  Our nap time story was a short one (mommy’s choice!) followed by a song.  I was one line into “Jesus Loves Me” when she started squirming and calling out for Doll who was awaiting her arrival in the crib, as usual.  While I was singing, I laid her down.  She got Doll, held her victoriously above her head, said a happy “Doll!”, gave me a smile and started sucking her thumb.

And so nap time was underway.  I am thankful for nap time.  It keeps me sane.  It really keeps me sane on days like today when a snowstorm keeps us inside.  It lets me do some work, remind myself that I’m more than just a Doll-finding, sippy cup-making, book-reading being.  It lets me recharge for a couple of hours so I can start all over again and go until bedtime.

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