A dependent king

Last Christmas, I marveled at my nearly 3-month-old baby girl.  I pondered how I must have had some feelings similar to those of Mary.  My baby girl is a year older this Christmas, though.  And she’s much more toddler than baby this year, yet, I still have the same thoughts.

The end of last week, I read in my daily devotion about how God chose to send His Son in a dependent form.  That hit home to me even more this year.  I’ve been thinking about this ever since.

Lexiana is less dependent on me this year than she was last year.  This year she can hold a sippy cup, feed herself food and even do simple tasks like move into different positions easily.  But, she is still very dependent.  I have to fill her sippy cup, make her food and take care of her physical needs to stay warm and clean.  She depends on my husband and I to meet her needs and keep her safe.

Thinking how the King of Kings put Himself in that vulnerable position humbles me.  As a Christian, I firmly believe that God could

Jesus came to us dependent on humanity for His care. Today, we seek Him to take care of us.

have come in any form He chose.  He could have come as an adult.  He didn’t have to come as one so small and so dependent.  Yet, He did.  He came to experience everything that we experience.  And every human starts as a baby.   We all need someone to take care of us and meet our needs.  Though it seems funny to think about, even Jesus needed parents on earth.  He could command heaven and earth, yet He still needed someone to fill His cup, make His food and keep Him warm and clean.  He humbled Himself to the lowest and most dependent station in life.  He was a dependent king.

His dependence also showed God’s trust and faith in humanity through Mary and Joseph.  Parents don’t just trust their children’s care to anyone.  It’s too important.  I would never leave my daughter in someone’s care who I didn’t have complete faith in, especially if it were a longer term arrangement.

I can’t imagine that most great leaders if they had the choice would have chosen to come the way Jesus did.  Most people would worry about being so dependent.  Human nature is to yearn for independence.  Even my daughter yearns for some independence already.  She will sometimes remove my hands from her or one of her toys so she can do it herself.  And, yet, God sent His Son as a baby.  What pressure Mary and Joseph must have felt to take care of Him!

What I love most, though, is that the story doesn’t end with a dependent King.  Jesus grew into a man with a great ministry.  He ministered all the way to the cross.  He knew what He was in for.  He chose to die for the entire world — those who believe and those who don’t.  It seemed hopeless.  I can’t imagine the pain and agony His earthly mother must have felt during those dark hours that turned into days.  I can imagine her joy when He came back from the dead, though.  I’m excited by that!  My life is changed by that!

Our once dependent King became a victorious King of Kings!  That’s a reason to celebrate this Christmas for sure.  Contemporary Christian music group, 4Him, nailed this message years ago in my favorite Christmas song, “In Your Care.” I start each Christmas season listening to this CD, but especially to this song.  It became my favorite years ago.  Now that I have my own child, somehow it means even more to me.

May God bless you and those you hold dear this Christmas season and throughout the coming year!

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