I’m a mommy

That may not be an earth-shattering revelation since I’ve been blogging about my daughter for a while now.  But, over the last week she has gone from calling me “ma-ma” to “mommy,” and I love it!  This new moniker shows me a couple of things.  First, her vocabulary is improving.  Second, she is growing up.

The other day, as she ate her lunch, I went to another room to grab something.  When I returned 30 seconds later, I was greeted with an excited, “Mommy!”  I tried it one more time with the same results.  It melts my heart.  I absolutely love the way she says it, which I’m pretty sure is sweeter than any child has ever said mommy.

At the same time, in the back of my head, I’m wondering if there will be a day when I get tired of hearing her say, “Mommy.”  When, perhaps, she’ll have pestered me to pieces.  I’ve heard many moms lament at how they get tired of their children calling to them.  I understand that on hard days.  However, I’m not there, yet, when it comes to hearing her say “Mommy.”  I’m hoping that I can remind myself of this good feeling on the days down the road when it’s tough and I wonder why I ever taught her to talk in the first place!

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