Life unplugged

Living life unplugged has both positives and negatives.  For nearly a week, I have been mostly unplugged.  I’ll remain that way until a complete week has passed.  We are staying somewhere with no Internet service, no cell phone service and no television.  It’s marvelous.  And it’s challenging.

My husband and daughter hanging out and enjoying the beautiful scenery -- unplugged!

I’ve had a chance to relax with my family.  I’ve taken naps.  I’ve painted my fingernails.  I’ve read lots of books to my daughter.  I’ve played ball with my dog.  I’ve played board games with my husband.  I’ve watched movies.  I’ve read books without pictures in them.  I’ve done some work.  I’ve eaten good food.  I’ve enjoyed beautiful scenery.  It’s been good.

But, I’m used to being plugged in.  I’m used to constant Internet access. I don’t have that here.  If I want to get online, I have to drive to the public library or 20 minutes to the nearest McDonald’s.  And I’ve done that.  I had work to do that required e-mail.  I sat in my car with my laptop precariously balanced on my lap and logged online.  My daughter fussed in the backseat sometimes.  I accidentally cleaned my windshield a few times.  And I tried hard to remember to do everything I needed to while I had Internet access.

Invariably as we’d pull away, my husband and I would remember something we meant to look up and forgot.  We are so used to the Internet and its wonders.  If we want to know a restaurant’s hours, we go online.  If we want to know directions for how to get somewhere, we go online.  Not having that constantly is a bit of a challenge.  I miss that easy access.

However, it’s temporary.  In the meantime, I get to do all kinds of other wonderful things.  I get to enjoy my family.  I get to relax.  I don’t have to worry about doing as much laundry (though I’ll do some).  I don’t have to worry about running errands (though I’ll have fun checking out the local dollar stores).  I don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner (though I’m happy to make cereal for breakfast or a lunchmeat sandwich for lunch).  I can just be most of the time.  And that’s nice.

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