Babies and dogs are different

As promised, I have also noticed some ways that my baby girl and dog are different.  Some of them are funny, some of them are serious.  Both my furry and not-so-furry kiddos bring me joy in their own way.  I call them both my co-workers.  They keep our lives interesting.  And, I must say for the record, that having a dog doesn’t really prepare you for having a baby.  That’s pretty much a myth!

Dogs are potty trained faster. By the time Buckles was a year old, he had been accident-free in the house for months.  Lexiana is still in diapers.  Of course, she’s not walking on her own, yet, so that’s the other problem.  Buckles was walking on his own from the time we got him.  He never had to wear diapers, but on the other hand, I had to keep the spot remover handy for the first couple of months.

Babies communicate their emotions much more dramatically. Buckles can be mopey.  His biological dad

Lexiana and Buckles posing for the camera during Lexiana's 1-year photo shoot with Elizabeth Bailey (

was named “Sad-Eyed Spencer.”  And that pretty much fits the bill.  Those big brown eyes can be so sad and forlorn.  But he’s not very vocal.  In fact, he almost never whines.  He does bark to let us know when something is off.  After all, his breed was created to be guard dogs.  Lexiana, on the other hand, is much more vocal.  She cried, she screams, she laughs, she coos, she speaks her own language and now is starting to speak English as well.  She wears her heart on her sleeve very visibly.  Sometimes it’s good; sometimes it’s frustrating since she’s still not a master communicating.  She can communicate when she’s unhappy, though not necessarily what it is she is unhappy about.  However, she also shows her happiness and love so much more than Buckles.  He can’t say “Ma-ma” with a smile.

Dogs are more self-sufficient. I can leave down a bowl of food and water for Buckles, and he eats when he needs to and how much he needs.  When he needs to go out, he rings the bell on our backdoor or paws at our legs.  We can send him outside to take care of business on his own in our fenced backyard.  Lexiana, on the other hand needs me to feed her.  She’s eating more on her own these days, but I can’t just leave food on her level for her.  And I definitely can’t just send her outside or even to her room with a clean diaper to take care of her business.

Babies don’t bring the outside in. While Buckles often brings things in from outside with him — like the leaves that get stuck in his tail — this doesn’t yet happen with Lexiana.  Though I do pick up after her, it’s usually toys and not something that belongs outdoors.

Babies can’t watch themselves. Buckles can stay home alone while I go to the grocery store or even out to eat.  Lexiana cannot.  At least, she cannot if I don’t want to get arrested.  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t really leave her home alone anyway.  Honest.

Babies require much more gear. Our dog has a lot of toys and even dog beds.  However, he has nowhere near the amount of gear that Lexiana does.  She has to have a crib, high chair, dresser, stroller, changing table, toys, chairs, clothes and so much more.  Even keep things pretty minimalistic, babies need stuff.

Babies have to wear clothes. I’m not going to pretend that we don’t put clothes on Buckles, because we do.  The guy is just too cute not to!  But, most days he wears just his black collar with the Spider-Man tag that has his name and phone number.  If I sent Lexiana out into this world wearing just an ID necklace, I’d get in trouble.  Plus she’d get cold.  She doesn’t have the double fur coat that Buckles does.  On the other hand, it’s fun to pick out clothes for her.  She’s too stinking cute not to dress anyway!

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