Babies and dogs are similar

Just over five years ago I became a doggy mama.  Buckles was our first pet as a married couple, though we’d been married for a while.  I’d had dogs growing up, but I’d never had one of my own.  Now that I have a human child, I sometimes find myself comparing the two. In this first of a two-part series, I’m going to list some ways the kiddos are similar.  Part two will be how they are different.

Both of them have selective hearing. Lexiana responds to her name, and she understands certain phrases (such as the word “No!”).  Buckles definitely knows his name and certain commands (such as “Come!”).  Both can chose to not hear as they please.  Lexiana may ignore me when I try to get her attention to stop her from doing something she’s not allowed to do — like press the pretty red button on the Play Station 3.  And Buckles may ignore me when I am trying to get him to come inside so I can go to bed.

Lexiana and Buckles sharing a moment during Lexiana's 1-year photo shoot with Elizabeth Bailey (

But, the minute I open my laptop on the couch, Lexiana comes crawling over trying to grab it.  And I can just whisper the question, “Do you want to go get the mail?” when Buckles is asleep on the opposite end of the house and he will come running.  Go figure.

Both of them like bowls of water on the ground. For Buckles this works because it’s his to drink.  For Lexiana, this means trouble.  I think she’s finally learned to resist, but I still don’t trust her not to start splashing away.

Both of them like to play when I sit on the floor. Lexiana will crawl over to snuggle a moment, climb on me or read a book.  Buckles will search high and low for his favorite white, inside tennis ball and promptly bring it to me in hopes that I’ll toss it for him.

Both of them like to hang out with me. Occasionally they will each do their own thing in another room, but 90 percent of the time, they are in the same room I am in.  And both are extra clingy when they don’t feel well.

Both of them love to visit their grandparents. I should also add that they are both spoiled by their grandparents as well.

Both of them think I’m the smartest, funniest person on the planet. Lexiana is saying words but not talking.  Buckles doesn’t talk.  So, both of them only “talk” if we voice their opinions for them.  And they can’t really say otherwise, so when I have conversations with them and make jokes, they are my best audience and biggest fans.  I know that will change for one of them one of these days (I see eye rolling in my future), I’m enjoying it for now.

Both of them can look at me with eyes that melt my heart. While I was pregnant, I would often say that it wouldn’t be long until I had four brown eyes looking at me.  Then my daughter surprised me by having blue eyes.  My brown weren’t dominant after all.  However, I do indeed have four eyes that look at me and melt my heart.

Both of them are good for my soul. I knew this to be true with Buckles about a month after we had him.  My dad was in the hospital and not doing well.  I came home for a shower and short break from being at the hospital.  Just hanging out with him and Chris for a while soothed my soul.  I knew this to be true with Lexiana when she locked gazes with me as we sat in the glider in the middle of the night and I stopped caring how exhausted I was.

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