Love is patient

Love is patient.  Love is patient.  Love is patient.

That is sometimes my mantra.  This week it has definitely been my mantra.  It comes from 1 Corinthians 13:4.  My daughter has been cranky this week.  Today she hit her ultimate crankiness.  Tomorrow I will call the doctor because something isn’t right.  I don’t know if it’s an issue with cow’s milk, a troublesome tooth or something else, but she is not herself.  She screeches often right now, and that’s not like her.

This morning, I fed her breakfast.  Then as we were playing she started crying and screeching.  I held her, rocked her and sang to her.   Love is patient.  Love is patient.

This evening I gave her a bath.  She was fine and then as I was drying her off, she began screeching again.  To the point that my husband stopped what he was working on to check on us.  I finally got her wrapped in the towel and whisked off to put on her lotion and sleeper.  Love is patient.  Love is patient.

Then her evening bottle also turned into an all-out war with banshee screaming.  Again, I sang to her and rocked with her.  My husband tried comforting her.  He tried distracting her.  She settled down enough for us to read to her, as usual, and sing her a song.  The screeching started again as we put her in her crib.  We soothed her as best we could and knew we’d just have to let her be for a few minutes to settle down.  It’s how she works.  Love is patient.  Love is patient.

So, tomorrow, I will call the doctor and see if he can give me some answers.  My girl is not herself.  I try my best not to be an alarmist.  My mind races to her one-year shots a week and a half ago and all the talk of kids developing issues after having them.  It races to the thought that maybe she is developing the same chronic health issue that I have.

But, all I can do is pray that God will meet her needs when I can’t.  I don’t like not being able to keep her happy all the time.  It breaks my heart for her to be upset and cry.  Yet sometimes I really can’t do anything except patiently wait.  I know this is a phase or something is bothering her.  I continue to challenge myself to remain patient.  I think about God and how He must remain patient with me when I screech and cry.  When I moan and groan and all He’s doing is what’s best for me.  I pray that I can be that patient — or at least as patient as my daughter needs me to be to get us through whatever is going on.

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