Hay, be brave!

In my non-writing life, part of my job is a teacher.  I have the responsibility of teaching my daughter about the world and all that is in it.  Yet, all too often, she teaches me lessons.  Yesterday was one such instance.

We headed to an apple orchard with my sister-in-law, nephews and niece.  My nephews are the same age as my daughter while my niece is two years older.  The orchard had an area of soft hay for the kids to play in.  We sat all of the little ones in a row to take a photo.  In her one year of life, Lexiana has never been in hay.  We are city folk.  I wasn’t sure how she would react.

My brave daughter exploring in the hay -- and having a great time!

My brave daughter exploring in the hay -- and having a great time!

After sitting still for a couple of minutes for photos, she took right off and began exploring the hay.  She wanted to feel it.  She wanted to crawl in it.  She wanted to see where she could go.  She was fearless and brave.  My nervousness at her perhaps getting hurt or eating the hay dissipated as I watched the joy on her face.

Later I reflected on what she had done.  She was the first little one to break off and explore.  I was proud of her bravery.  I was proud of her curiosity.  I was challenged in my own life.  I’m not a huge fan of change.  Sometimes I take my time to make change.  I don’t just plod forward.  I worry.  I fret.  I ponder whether it’s the best way to go.

I’m facing a bit of crossroads in my work right now.  I’m looking for the next page.  I’m looking for direction.  I’ve been looking for a little bit.  And, yet, here I sit on the sidelines of the hay pile wondering what’s going to happen.  Lexiana has taught me that to really enjoy life — to enjoy anything — I just have to be brave and move forward.  Thank you, little one.

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