Nice people make life easier

For the last few years, my coworkers have been sparse since I work in a home office.  In fact, these days they consist of my Lhasa Apso, Buckles, and my baby girl, Lexiana.  Right now Buckles is sleeping in his bed in my office.  Lexiana is sleeping in her crib.  They are nice coworkers.

In the past, I’ve had other nice coworkers.  And I’ve had high maintenance ones, annoying ones and stinky ones.  Though I technically don’t have coworkers in my office these days, I still have people that I work with including editors, clients and payroll folks.  I don’t see them daily.  I don’t talk to them daily.  In fact, many of them I’ve only communicated with through e-mail.  But, I’m astounded at how many of them are nice.

In the years I’ve had my freelance business, I’ve come across only a handful of folks I could have done without meeting.  I’ve received notes of appreciation from happy clients.  I’ve gotten compliments from editors.  I have one editor who sent me gifts when my daughter was born.  Just nice people.

Yesterday I contacted a payroll person at a publication I regularly work with to tell her that I’d done the text for an advertorial.  I heard back from her immediately saying she’d process the payment and wishing me a good day.  She is always prompt in her response and positive in her attitude.

Today I am sorting through and updating my publication list.  I didn’t realize how far behind I was on doing this, but as I go through one publication after another, I am flooded with memories of sources, clients  and editors.  I would daresay that 99 percent of those are positive.  Sure I had one editor who was the most difficult one I’ve ever worked with (no, I won’t share names), but I have loads of others who were nice and encouraging.  And most importantly, they contacted me for work and paid on time.

I enjoy learning people stories in my work, but I also enjoy getting to know the people behind the scenes at the publications and companies I work with.  Nice people definitely make my life easier, and I’m thankful for them.

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