Asking questions is what I do

For my work, I have to ask questions.  If I didn’t ask questions, I couldn’t get the information I need to write articles — simple as that.  However, sometimes I can get carried away with questions in my personal life as well.  I’m not saying that I’m nosy, but occasionally, I’m in such a habit of interviews that I start interviewing someone I’m talking with.

My husband most often calls me on it.  We were having lunch on Father’s Day when I popped an interview question on him.

“So, what’s surprised you most about being a father?” I asked, thinking it made perfect sense to discuss since it was his first Father’s Day.

“Really?  I”m getting interviewed today?” was his response.

I can’t help it.  Fortunately he’s patient with me.  Other times asking questions can come in handy.  I’m a stereotypical introverted writer.  So for times when I need to make small talk or talk with people I don’t know well, I often call on my interview skills to get me through.  I don’t grill people or follow a set line of questions like I do for work, but I have realized that people love to answer questions about themselves.  In the end, it works well because I love learning about other people.

So, tell me about you.  What’s your life like?  What do you do a typical day?  What has surprised you most about life?  What do you look forward to in the future?  I could keep going and going.

If you’ve been “interviewed” by me in real life, feel free to chime in.  Asking questions is what I do!

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