A lesson from my dog

While I’m relatively new at being a mom to a human, I’ve been a mom to a dog for nearly five years.  In fact, my adorable Lhasa Apso, Buckles, will celebrate his fifth birthday on June 25.


But, beyond just looking for an excuse to show off my cute pooch, I have a point.  While being Buckles’ mom I have learned lessons.  Earlier this week, I learned a big one from him.

I had just put his human sister down for a nap and needed to go and get the mail.  Buckles loves traipsing out front with me on his leash to get the mail.  I didn’t want to wake up his sister.  So, as I was letting him in from the backyard, I picked up his leash nearby without saying a word.  He saw the leash and knew we were going somewhere.  He didn’t know where.  I didn’t even ask him if he wanted to go get the mail, which is the phrase he knows.  He was just excited to go with me.

So that got me thinking about my relationship with God.  I have many times bemoaned the fact that I didn’t know what God had planned for me.  I have said time and again that I wish He’d just send a note so I’d know what the plan was.  But God and faith don’t work that way.  Instead, I need to be more like Buckles.  He was up for going anywhere with me.  He trusted me completely because I’ve never led him astray.  God has never led me astray.  He’s led me through some dark times and deep valleys, but He’s never let me go.

As my life shifts once again with change, I’m ready to be harnessed to God and follow His lead.  Just like my dog, I may not know where I’m going, but I know Who is taking me and that’s all that matters.

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