Attitude makes a difference

I recently stumbled upon this quote from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: “Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our successes or failure.”  Dr. Peale is known for his positive thinking philosophies.  And he is the founder of Guideposts magazine.

I have learned throughout my life that attitude makes such a big difference.  While I think of it more on a personal level, I realize that attitude also affects my professional life as well.  On days when I wake up and think how much I don’t want to do work or how tired I am, then I’m not productive.  On days when I wake up and am excited to start researching a new project or don’t even consider my energy level, then I’m productive.  Everything gets marked off my to-do list.

Figuring out how to always have the right attitude is a challenge.  I’ve found a few things lately that have helped me.

  • Listening to the right kind of music.  I enjoy all types of music, but lately contemporary Christian music has gotten me going the most.  Southern/country gospel can do the same.
  • Adhering to a schedule.  While schedules may interfere with creativity for some, they help me to stay on track and be productive.  This is even more true now with caring for a baby.  I know when she goes down for her morning nap that I usually have two hours of uninterrupted work time and I need to make the best of it.  The same is true for her hour-long afternoon nap.
  • Finding projects that inspire and uplift me.  I’m fortunate in that I get to chose my work.  However, not all articles are super exciting topics if I am to be completely honest.  If I balance with enough that are exciting to me, then it works really well.
  • Remembering that I’m doing what I love.  Writing and editing have long been my passions.  Being a mother is a newer passion of mine.  Working from home as a freelancer combines both so well.  It may be hectic, stressful and crazy sometimes, but I get to do what I love.

What helps you maintain a good attitude?

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