Bittersweet ending

Many of the projects I work on are shorter term.  Most articles are usually assigned and completed within a month or less.  Occasionally one might be a couple of months in the works but seldom more than that.

However, other projects are longer term.  For a few months I have been working with a new Christian writer on his novel.  I’ve edited it for him and we’ve discussed his ideas and plans.  And we are almost completely finished.  In fact, with just a few minor edits, we will be finished.  And it’s bittersweet.

I’ve enjoyed reading the book a couple of times, even though I was working on it as I went.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know this person better.  I’ve been challenged and encouraged by him.  I’m guessing that we will keep in touch after the project finishes.  But, I find it’s a bittersweet ending.

I love the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a project.  Nothing is more satisfying.  I would honestly say this sense of accomplishment is even greater since this has been my first huge project since the birth of my daughter.  I have figured out how to work while still be a mom.

However, after working on a project for so long and having it end, it can be like saying goodbye to a friend.  I often feel that way with the end of reading a good book.  Currently I’m reading the last book in the “Legend of Drizzt” series, and I keep putting it off.  I don’t want it to be over.

While I won’t put my work off, I do feel a bit bittersweet about this large project winding down.  Yet, at the same time, I also look forward to a new pr0ject on the horizon that will challenge me in different ways!

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