Connecting through Facebook

I’m not sure why I’ve taken so long to do this, but I have finally created a business page on Facebook for Written Creations.  I’ve been using Facebook for about two years now for a personal page to connect with friends and family.  I’ve enjoyed it, but I have resisted creating a business page.

Since I am in the habit of checking Facebook more than Twitter these days, I’m hoping that the Facebook page of Written Creations will be much more frequently updated.  My schedule has changed these last few months and I am paring down extras.  So, in an effort to be more collaborative and keep folks updated, I’m now switching primarily to Facebook for communicating rather than Twitter.  Ideally, I’d keep up with both, but I know my limits and what I can do while still being able to get my work accomplished for clients.

All that said, be sure to stop by and check out Written Creations on Facebook.  I can’t promise that it will make you rich or lose 20 pounds, but I can promise that your readership will be much appreciated!

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