Change is good

I admit that I am not a person who thrives on change.  Some people do, but for the most part, I am a fan of routine.  Granted, every day is different in what I am working on, but my routine is relatively the same.  Even my daughter has a basic routine these days.  She, actually, is the one who got me thinking about change.  Sometimes I fight it — in both my work and personal lives.  Yet, when I embrace it, often the change is for the better.

I started thinking about this when we started giving my daughter food for the first time.  She started with rice cereal and then oatmeal a few weeks ago.  This week she had her six-month checkup and we got the all clear from her pediatrician to start giving her baby foods.  He suggests we start with vegetables.  So, last night before bedtime, we sat down at the table and served up some pureed vegetables.

Evidently, she is not a fan of change either.  She had quite some interesting facial expressions for us.  First she was excited, but we could tell the moment she realized that stuff on her tongue was not her usual oatmeal.  Her brow furrowed.  She spit some right back out.  Her bib became an orange mess before all was said and done.

What I know that she doesn’t know is this change will lead to good things.  She has to get past the carrots to move on to other vegetables.  And she has to get past those to get to the more fun fruits.  And she has to get past all that to get to the meats.  And it goes on from there.  I wish I could explain to her that sometimes you have to eat carrots before you can get to the chocolate cake, but she’ll have to learn.

I continue to learn in life that embracing change isn’t always bad.  I have had a few projects and articles where I grimace with my first bite.  Then as I get more into them, I realize they aren’t so bad.  And they lead to other projects and articles.  One change at a time.  Last year I give up adjunct teaching for a variety of reasons.  I fretted about that change, wondering if I made the right decision.  A year later, I can say that I did.  I loved teaching and would like to teach again someday, but for now, I’m enjoying other projects that I wouldn’t have had time for if I was still teaching a couple of classes.  I’m in the middle of editing a Christian fiction novel that is compelling, yet consuming.  That change is good.

While I’ll think of my daughter as she adjusts to changes that are for her good, I’m also realizing that I don’t want her to fear change.  I want her to embrace life’s challenges, so I must set that example for her.  I will take risks and send query letters I’ve been putting off.  I will continue to embrace change — while I also continue to enjoy my routine.  I’m pretty sure that I can have both.

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