Working through the first cold

In the years that I’ve been freelancing, I’ve learned I don’t get sick days.  Deadlines are deadlines and I’m the only person to pick up the slack. True I can prioritize and do only what has to be done on certain days, but I don’t really get sick days.

As a mom, I’ve now learned about working through my daughter’s sick days.  Lexiana got her first cold over the weekend.  Honestly, cold is maybe too strong of a word to use.  Sniffles is probably a bit more accurate, but to this first-time mom she might as well have had the croup.  I think overall I did well with not freaking out, but I will admit I did place a call to her pediatrician on Monday morning to check in.  I’ve made sure she didn’t have a fever.  I’ve made sure she didn’t start wheezing.  And I’ve listened to make sure she is still breathing well.

And I’ve figured out how to work through this first cold.  I have utilized my multitasking skills, but I’ve also learned to get the most accomplished during her nap times (not all that different) so that during her awake times I have been able to snuggle with her a little extra.  I’ve learned to plan extra time for her to eat because, as I know from having a stuffy nose, eating with a cold is a challenge.

We are now on the downside of these sniffles.  She has a bit of a cough here and there.  But she’s not nearly so congested.  We have survived our first cold.  I managed to meet deadlines in spite of it.  I’m pretty sure we can conquer anything together!

At least that’s how I feel today.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow on this roller coaster called motherhood.

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