The joys of tax time

When I decided to pursue freelance full-time six years ago, I knew I’d have to deal with my own taxes.  I set up a meeting with an accountant to know what I needed to track.  I must say, the bookkeeping side of having your own business was actually a bit more than I expected.  While I still don’t enjoy the bookkeeping that I have to do, I’ve gotten my system down and don’t mind it so much.

All that said, fourth quarter taxes are due tomorrow (Jan. 15), so I have taxes on the brain even though the rest of the United States doesn’t really start thinking about them this soon.  While writing checks to Uncle Sam isn’t exactly a thrill, I do take solace in the fact that owing taxes means I’m making money.  I try to focus on that.  I know that if I’m having to pay taxes that’s because I am earning an income.  That means people are hiring me to write for them, which is the ultimate goal of having a business!

And when annual tax time rolls around in a couple of months, I will also be thankful that I have an accountant to help me sort through everything.  I give him my records and he takes it from there.  He charges me to do this, of course, but I am glad to pay for his services.  It saves me so much headache.

So as I write out my fourth quarter tax check today and drop it in the mail, I will remain focused on the positive side of tax time!

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