You are what you wear

Working from a home office means not having to worry so much about a business wardrobe.  But, even when spending all day in the office, what you wear makes a difference.

I have always dressed up in nice clothes to go for article interviews, client meetings or teaching classes.  On days I don’t leave the office, though, what I wear doesn’t matter as much.  Clients, interview subjects, editors and students can’t see me over the phone or through e-mail.

I learned early on, though, that I really am what I wear.  On days that I stay in my pajamas until noon, I am a bit more lackadaisical about my work.  On days I get dressed and do my hair and makeup right after breakfast, I seem more productive.  Somehow what I wear makes a difference.  I take my work seriously all the time.  Getting dressed for it, makes it even more serious to me.

And, of course, working from home doesn’t require me to wear shoes.  Another trick I learned has been that on days when my motivation is lacking, I put on a pair of shoes.  When I’m wearing shoes I’m more likely to keep my feet on the floor rather than have one tucked under me.  Sitting more formally and less casually also helps keep me going.

I think the whole thing boils down to how I feel about myself.  While I am comfortable in my PJs, I don’t feel like I’m at my best.  I wouldn’t want people to see me.  Being more presentable makes me feel better about myself and, in turn, makes me have more energy to do the work I need and love to do!

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  1. I have found this to be true as well. I try to get up every morning and dress as if I were going into an office environment and not just across the hallway. 🙂 Not only does it change my mindset while working, but I can tell that it can affect how I speak on the phone too.

  2. Jill Osborne wrote:

    I totally agree.. and for me it’s about the makeup and hair. I often wear my yoga clothes… because they are so comfortable sitting… but I’m really not feeling ready to “work” unless I’ve got my hair done and my makeup on. Hmmm.. do uggs count as “shoes” or “slippers.” LOL! – Jill