Getting back to work

So, it’s been a couple of months since my last blog post.  I took some time off to have a baby.  Our baby girl is the first child for my husband and me.  Now I’m easing my way back into work — and working is a bit different.

I have always thought that working from home would be great whenever we decided to start a family.  And while it is great, it is also teaching me a few lessons along the way.  Those lessons will most assuredly pop up in this blog.

The first one I have to start with now is flexibility.  I have always thought that I am flexible with my work.  If someone needed to change an interview time at the last minute, I was fine with that.  If I had a big deadline and needed to work on an evening or weekend, I was also fine with that.  I am having to hone my flexibility skills of not being able to plan everyday quite as stringently as I used to.  Now I work around feedings that take longer than usual, dirty diapers and fussiness that just happens for no apparent reason.

I’ve gotten creative about when I get my work done.  The typical business hours aren’t really a factor any more.  I have become flexible.  I figure if I get through the day and have completed my work tasks and have a happy baby with a full belly and clean diaper, then I am OK.  So far, it’s worked, but I’ve only been at this for a week and a half.

I’ll continue to share tips and lessons along the way of what I learn about how to best maintain a home office while also “maintaining” a baby!

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