Deadlines are bliss

If I were to be completely honest about myself, I would tell you that I can stress out over the small stuff — contrary to what those books tell us to do.  I tend to be a perfectionist and not all that fond of change.  For that reason, when I decided to major in journalism all those years ago, my older brother was concerned I couldn’t handle the pressure and stress of deadlines.  In journalism classes professors would sometimes give short deadlines to simulate the real world and he had friends who had dealt with that.  He didn’t think I would do well with that.

While his concerns were definitely well founded, I discovered in college and since that I actually thrive on and love deadlines.  Sometimes they are short and stressful.  Sometimes they are longer and let me plan, but I enjoy them.  As a freelancer, deadlines keep me on task.  They give me a goal to work toward.  I know that by this certain day this project or article will be completed.

In graduate school, I had a part-time job where I was working on a huge and unending project.  I enjoyed the work, but it never had a sense of finality to it.  So, I set deadlines for myself to complete certain tasks and give me not only a goal to work toward but also a sense of accomplishment when the goal was reached.

Without deadlines these days, it’s too easy for a task to get pushed to the back-burner.  Project deadlines help me prioritize and organize my workload.  They keep me motivated and on task.  I would definitely say deadlines are bliss, even when it makes working late or working weekends; deadlines keep me going.

How do you feel about deadlines?

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