Music to work to

I love music.  I always have something playing in the background when I’m working, making dinner, driving to the grocery store, cleaning the house or just about anything else.  While I have an eclectic mix of music that I enjoy, some of it is more conducive to working than others.

Right now on a typical work day, I have my iTunes set to “Party Shuffle.”  I can go from an old M.C. Hammer song to Beethoven to Michael W. Smith to Kenny Chesney to “All that Jazz.”  I love it!  Sometimes I make a smart list with a specific genre, like Christian, to work to.  During the holidays, I cue up holiday music to get me going.

But, during times when I really need to concentrate and write, I turn to one soundtrack: Riverdance.  The Irish cadence is ideal for typing; the lack of lyrics leads to less distraction.  I discovered Riverdance works well a few years ago when I was in grad school and have used it ever since.

What music gets you ready to work?

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  1. Kim wrote:

    I like light rock or easy ballads when Im trying to concentrate. When I need to clean I like good old rock and roll or rockin country.

  2. Chris wrote:

    While I listen to all types of music, I don’t like to shuffle them together and mix genres.
    My current working tastes are Saving Abel (, and Optimus Rhyme (