Freelance benefits and drawbacks personified

Having just recently written about both the benefits and drawbacks of being a freelancer, I am especially struck by the irony of how these two things have been personified this week in my life.

Let me explain.  I’m sick.  Not horribly sick with a major illness, but a miserable head cold through which breathing is difficult and energy is hard to come by.  My husband is in the same boat.  And my benefits and drawbacks are coming to life more than usual.

First, I have the benefit of getting my work done while sitting on my couch in my PJs with a box of tissues beside me.  In fact, that’s exactly the scene as I type this!  But, I also have the drawback of having to work while I don’t feel well.   I am trying not to envy my husband his sick days.  However, deadlines loom and no one else picks up the slack.  I tried to talk my dog into writing a couple of articles, but he wasn’t interested.

And that’s about all the news I have to share right now.  I’m definitely feeling benefits and drawbacks of freelance this week.  But, it’s a life I chose and one I’m happy to live  — especially on the days I can breathe through my nose!

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