7 Benefits of being a freelancer

Being your own boss definitely has some benefits.  True, I work for various editors and clients, but at the end of the day, I am my own boss.  While there are drawbacks to that fact (check back on Thursday for those), there are more positives.

First, I have no dress code.  True on days that I have in-person interviews or meetings I dress professionally, but on in-office days, I can wear whatever I feel like.  I did learn a while ago that I have to get dressed and all as soon as I finish breakfast or I’ll get busy and realize I’m still in my PJs come lunchtime.  And, honestly, some days that still happens!

Second, I can work wherever I want or need to.  Most days I’m in my home office at my desk, but I’ve worked from a blanket in the backyard in the summer.  I’ve also worked from Byrdstown, Tenn., Atlanta, Chicago and even a small town in Ohio when needed.  Unfortunately, I’ve worked out of the ICU waiting room at the hospital as well.

Third, I don’t have pesky co-workers.  Now I’ve had great co-workers through the years, but you know when you’re in the middle of something great and get interupted?  That doesn’t happen so much when you’re only co-worker is your dog.  He barks sometimes to be let out, but otherwise, he’s a great co-worker.

Fourth, I can set my own hours.  Most of the time I work office hours from about 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but sometimes things come up and I can shift that around.  Or during slower times I can take some downtime.  Of course, just the opposite can be true.

Fifth, I can do a few household chores during the work day.  This doesn’t sound like a great benefit, but my washer and dryer are maybe 10 steps from my desk.  Sometimes a short break to transfer laundry to the dryer or hang it up is just what I need.  Too often my rear end gets glued to my chair, so it’s good to have a reason to get up!

Sixth, I can listen to my own music.  When I get in, I turn on my iTunes and it plays all day.  When I need to really concentrate or get a lot of writing done, I can crank the soundtrack from “Riverdance,” which inspires me.  No one is here to complain.

And, finally, the best benefit and biggest benefit is that I get to do work that I love.  Even if the rest of it was horrible, being able to do what I’m passionate about and what I feel is my God-given calling is definitely the best part of my work.

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