The power of the Internet

I often marvel at the power of the Internet and ponder what my life was like before it.  In my writing and research, I use the Internet daily.  In my personal life, I use the Internet daily.

Many of us are so used to this tool that we don’t realize how much we do online.  I decided to make a list.  Here goes:

  1. Check e-mail
  2. Connect with friends through social networking
  3. Connect with colleagues through social networking
  4. Find new freelance opportunities
  5. Research article ideas
  6. Research article sources
  7. Research issues my family encounters
  8. Look up recipes
  9. Read daily devotionals
  10. Purchase photos
  11. Purchase other items (gifts, books, photo books, clothing, etc.)
  12. Sell items (hello, eBay!)
  13. Download clip art
  14. Chat with my husband
  15. Check the weather
  16. Check the traffic report
  17. Look up directions to and from places
  18. Calculate mileage for my business expenses
  19. Write in my blog
  20. Update my Web site

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but it’s still much more than I expected.  What do you do online?

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  1. Debby Gilpin wrote:

    My home computer stopped working last week but I was not concerned because I have a laptop. What I had forgotten is that some of the stuff I use was on that computer and not the laptop. I have decided to move everything to the one computer but now I have to carry it home every night. I’m like you. I am on mine all the time and can’t even imagine being without it. I love it and hope to keep up with the new changes. It is diddicult at first but usually it fixes problems I have had with older programs. I do not want to be one of those old fogies that won’t try. Keep up the good work. I love the information you are giving out.